• Pharmacology III Practical Handbook
  • Pharmacology III Practical Handbook

PHARMACOLOGY III PRACTICAL HANDBOOK (For B.Pharmacy VI Semester as per PCI syllabus)

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  • Authors: Dr. V. Jayashree, Dr. A. Ramya, Dr. C. Ronald Darwin, Dr. P. Shanmugasundaram
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 2024
  • ISBN: 978-81-19428-02-1 (Paperback)
  • Language: English

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Pharmacology III Practical handbook has been designed according to the curriculum of B.Pharmacy as per PCI Syllabus. The book clearly explains about the pharmacological experiments on dose calculation, effect of agonist and antagonist on isolated tissue preparation, toxicity studies, pharmacokinetic parameters and statistical methods in experimental pharmacology. The book will be useful to the students and researchers in the field of Pharmacy.

Special Features of this book:

  • A Comprehensive laboratory guide for pharmacy students and professionals
  • Provide adequate knowledge to practical application of the subject in reference to experimental pharmacology
  • Includes method of dose calculation, Agonist and Antagonist effect of drugs on various isolated tissue preparation.
  • Includes acute toxicity studies of test substance using OECD guidelines.
  • Apprehend about the pharmacokinetic parameters and biostatical methods used in experimental pharmacology.


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