• Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment – demy – 216pp
  • Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment – demy – 216pp

Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment: A Step Ahead

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  • Authors: Dr. Veenita Singh, Dr. Shantanu Saurabh
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Edition: 2023
  • ISBN: 978-81-950911-8-8
  • Language: English

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India is the second most colonized country in the world after China, where 70% of the total populace subsists in rural areas. The frailest segment of the society remains outside the reach of formal financial institutions for their prerequisite of finance. Consequently, the need was felt for some alternative policies, systems, procedures, methods, strategy for an easy admittance of monetary services for under privileged people that occasioned into the formation of informal financial institution i.e. “Micro finance” by Professor Mohammad Yunus.
Womenfolk don’t have an equivalent standing in comparison to men folk due to social tribulations (in regards with rules, regulations, customs, traditions of the society) etc. which continue to be prodigious apprehension for which women upliftment is required.
This book encompasses an overview of Micro finance in context to women recognition for its empowerment in the society, so as to see the impact of it for the development of the nation over the decade. Micro finance has been a solution to answer many questions of the community, but still it needs to be worked upon to get the precise result.


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