• Ecology and Environmental Studies for Degree Students – demy – 225pp – paperback
  • Ecology and Environmental Studies for Degree Students – demy – 225pp – paperback

Ecology and Environmental Studies for Degree Students (Paperback)

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  • Author: Dr. D. A. Dhale, Miss. Snehal N. Dhawale
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-93-92239-22-9
  • Language: English

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The Book was beneficial to have prior experience teaching Plant Ecology, Environmental science and Phytogeography at the undergraduate level in order to know how to communicate with students while presenting concepts. The book’s arrangement is simple for students to understand because they have seen personally how the course’s contents are changed when teaching the same subject. This book on Ecology and Environmental studies is very useful for students studying for all undergraduate usually given some basic courses in preparation for competitive examinations and various degree-level examinations syllabus framed by UGC and also other University curricula in Science, Engineering, Technology, Commerce, Management, Pharmacy, Arts, etc. This will be a useful guide for various competitive examinations such as Police Recruitment, Indian Post, Banks, and other competitive examinations in various states. The book will be valuable to a large number of students and teachers, as well as industries, which will eventually prove to be important sources of pollution.
The book is divided into fourteen chapters, beginning with the Introduction, scope and importance of ecology. The things were also incorporated in order to gain a better understanding of the ecosystem and its surroundings.The various natural resources, both conventional and non-conventional, as well as forest, mineral water and soil, are reviewed, with an emphasis on the activities that utilise them, causing environmental impact. Biodiversity and its conservation are examined from a global standpoint, with numerous parameters posing concerns. The need of biodiversity conservation is emphasised, particularly for our country and for a better future.Fundamentals of Wildlife management with the conservation, preservation and wise management of rare plant and animal populations in their natural environments. Case studies on environmental pollution, its origins, impacts, and control, as well as solid waste and catastrophe management, have been explored, highlighting the role of a human in any such circumstance. In this approach, the current book explored significant themes such as bioremediation, its need, and various phytoremediation procedures. The issue of plant succession goes into the stages of vegetation development on bare terrain, rock, or sand. Details about morphological, anatomical, and physiological changes in plants as they adapt to xerophytic, hydrophytes or mesophilic environments are also provided.Phytogeography is described in detail, together with the key divisions of plant geography. Different types of vegetation in India and Maharashtra are also listed by zone, with appropriate examples.


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