• Cyber Crime – demy 145pp
  • Cyber Crime – demy 145pp

Cyber Crime

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  • Author: Dr. Shradha Pandey
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Edition: 2023
  • ISBN: 978-81-19428-03-8
  • Language: English

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Cybercrime is a commonly discussed topic of the modern world. We have heard and read about different cyberattacks, using sophisticated technologies, which has brought the companies and government at standstill. At times, such attacks are on individuals, while at other times, such attacks are on critical infrastructure, bringing the nations at standstill. The example of cyberattacks during COVID, on the healthcare sector, shows the devious nature of such acts. Be it a person being impacted, a group thereof, the government, or any specific sector, as long as crime takes place, efforts would have to be made to combat it. It becomes pertinent to bring in such measures that can create a fear in minds of the deviants to steer clear of such acts. Accepted that this is not an easy task, but steps would have to be taken to make this a possibility.

The present book takes upon a journey to make the readers aware of the meaning and concept of cybercrime. It educates them on the various types of cyberattacks. More so, to make them understand about the gravity of this crime, the impact it leaves on people, and the manner in which vulnerable people are targeted, would be elucidated. In doing so, the different laws, at both national and international level, towards combatting cybercrime would also be analyzed to show the efforts being made in removing this menace and to show the gap areas, where more work can be done to create more laws, for making the fight against cybercrime stronger. Moreover, the book also covers the future outlook of cybercrime, and the different trends that are expected to be noted in this area. The fight between privacy and security, as has been covered in this book, showcases another hurdle in taking strict steps towards protecting people against the cybercrimes.

Overall, this book is an attempt by the author to take the readers on an educational journey regarding varied aspects of cybercrime and contributes to the literature on this topic. The hope is to bring literacy and awareness about the intricacies of cybercrime, so as to allow further analysis and evaluation of both the problem and its solution.


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