• An-Introduction-to-Atomic-and-Molecular-Physics-demy-326-pages
  • An-Introduction-to-Atomic-and-Molecular-Physics-demy-326-pages

An Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics

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  • Author: Dr. Gaurav Mishra, Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Edition: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-81-949264-6-7
  • Language: English
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Atomic and molecular physics is fundamental importance in an education in physics. To start with, it is the most direct, concrete application of quantum mechanics. Thus, it promotes the understanding of, and concretizes the importance of quantum mechanics. Moreover, fundamental atomic and molecular structure is the basics for all that we know about matter. In order to understand e.g. condensed matter, nuclear physics and particle physics, one must first learn the basics in atomic and molecular physics. Atomic spectroscopy exploits different energetic transitions experienced by atoms that are associated with either the absorption or emission of photons. When these transitions involve the excitation and relaxation of the valence (outer or bonding) shell electrons of metal atoms and ions, the corresponding photons have energies within the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum. Molecular spectroscopy sans facts, as present in other books is like a page of music with no instrument to play it on. One can appreciate the sound of music without knowing anything of musical theory although of course one’s appreciation is enhanced by knowing some theory. Atom and molecule are the fundamental unit for all matters in universe. Matter, whatever the states, is made of atoms. The properties of all matters are governed by the electronic structure of atom and molecule. They have individual properties like electronic, magnetic and optical properties, which are quite different from the collective properties of matter made of atoms and molecules. The uniqueness of this book hence lies in the author’s way of reconstructing the chapter under review by delving deep into the areas of the subject.


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